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    Wish We Were There: The Royal Flush Water Slide

    Insider people are always looking for new things to obsess over and with all this heat and the lack of rain outside our office, we have found something we can’t stop mulling over. The BSR water park in Texas, USA has a slide that makes you defy gravity. Instead of simply dropping you into the pool, the Royal Flush water slide launches your body up in the air, like a frikkin’ missile. Thanks to which, people there have been pulling off some crazy airborne flips and tricks, making us super jealous of all the water, air and slide time they are getting. Here’s a little more about the Royal Flush water slide:

    1) This is what the slide looks like from top:

    2) From the side:

    3) This how it looks while you are on it:

    4) This is people jumping off of it (One can go as high as 100 feet with the highest slide):

    5) And this:

    We saved the best for the last:

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    Written by Radhapriya