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    Why We Should All Start Painting Again

    Let’s face it. De-stressing has never been easy and usually makes you worry more. Once you take up activities like meditation or yoga, the need to do them perfectly (for them to really work) is enough to make you start dreading them the night before. Plus with our shortening attention spans, it doesn’t look like we’ll be very good at ‘imagining a flame with our eyes closed and focussing on it’ (Google Flame Meditation).

    The answer? Drawing on an empty canvas. It does the same job, but its way more fun. Here’s why we strongly recommend painting to every young, hardworking and suffering millennial:

    1) It gets those creative juices flowing

    Because we believe that every single person is creative and can think of great ideas and surprise themselves every day. And with painting in the picture, it’s not that difficult.

    2) It helps you focus

    While concentrating on your painting, you tune out everything that is bothering you. Like we mentioned before, it’s meditation, but for restless people.

    3) It calms you down

    Artistic pursuits act like a pause button. In that moment, it is the only task at hand (without the pressure of delivering results). Think of painting as a mini-vacation for your mind.

    4) It gives you a sense of achievement

    Every piece completed will make you feel like you did something productive with your time. Better than spending hours in front of a screen.

    5) It allows you to day dream

    You draw and paint from your imagination. While painting, it’s completely okay to conjure up scenarios in your mind, relive a conversation or stare at an empty wall.

    What you need to get started: A beginner’s kit to painting (again)

    1) Pencils
    2) An eraser
    3) Paints (whichever kind you prefer. New to painting? Try watercolours)
    4) Crayons (if you want to start with some basics)
    5) Brushes
    6) A palette
    7) Old clothes (to be worn)
    8) A rag
    9) An empty canvas or sheet
    10) A chill playlist (to be played in the background)
    11) Some snacks to munch on
    12) Drink of your choice (chai or wine, both work)
    13) A comfortable room temperature

    To paint with friends, click here.

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    Written by Radhapriya