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    What Dads Really Want This Father’s Day

    While Kindles and ties might seem like great gifts for this Father’s Day, ever thought of presents that cost (almost) nothing? Just muster some enthusiasm and we’re in business.

    1) Chai

    A hot cup of chai/coffee that you have prepared (with your own hands). Even if it doesn’t taste great, a simple gesture can make up for no sugar.

    2) Champi

    Give him a good head massage that doesn’t end with a request for a new phone. A hearty kneading that will put him to sleep.

    3) Nap

    For anyone who works ten hours a day, sleep is the best gift you can offer. Make sure the house is quiet and all chores are taken care of, so your dad can snooze in peace.

    4) Films

    Shammi Kapoor or Sean Connery, whatever he likes, rent or download at least one movie that he loves.

    5) Food

    Either order in his favourite dish and make sure it tastes just the way he likes it, or have someone prepare it at home. Good food never disappoints.

    6) Alcohol

    A cold beer or a glass of whisky to relax with, while he enjoys his film and kebabs.

    7) Appreciation

    Parents are always wondering if they have done a good job with you. This day, thank your dad for that one small thing he might have taught you. Even boiling an egg counts.

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    Written by Radhapriya