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    Transfer Ticket: Say No To Paperwork

    We at Insider are always looking for new ways to make our community members happy and thanks to all those last minute ditchers and the kind who fall sick too often, we just found another way to do so.

    Remember how you bailed on your friend for that concert? And to give your ticket to his annoying sister, you had to scan your credit/debit card, write an authorization letter, print it, sign it, scan that too and mail ALL of this to her along with the actual ticket so she can print all of it and then carry this folder of random papers and show them at the entrance? Well, no more. No more of that.

    With the Insider Transfer Ticket feature, you can simply gift your ticket to someone else, without any paperwork, scanning or a hundred unnecessary phone calls. It is as simple as making a Facebook account. How you ask? Here’s how it works:

    1) Next to your purchased item, there will be a Transfer option/button. Click on it.

    2) Fill in the details of the receiver (Name, email address and phone number). Make sure you fill the correct details. The transfer can only happen once.
    P.S- You can also leave a personal message if you like.

    3) An OTP number will be sent to your phone. Fill that in.

    4) Success! Now feel cool for being such a good friend.

    Just click on this link and view the tickets YOU can transfer!

    And hey, if you still have some issue, you can always send an email at Our customer service peeps will be more than happy to help you!

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    Written by Radhapriya