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    Printables: How to be a better audience member at The Improvisers

    Being an audience member at an improv show can be tough. They are always asking questions, you have to think and fight other people to give suggestions that make it to the show; it’s a lot of pressure.

    And yet, most people just end up giving the same old suggestions all the time, we mean, how many lawyer and sex jokes can they make anyway?

    But don’t worry, we are here to help. We fancy ourselves as pro improv audience members and have come up with a simple printable edition (so you can stash them in your pockets like chits #throwback) of new and relevant suggestions for all their questions.

    At their next show, skip those cliche ideas and try one from our handy list below.


    Comedians Kanan Gill, Kaneez Surka and Kenny Sebastian aka The Improvisers will be performing at The Bflat Bar, Bangalore on the 26th of April. Buy those tickets here.

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    Written by Sharanya