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    The Traveller's Dictionary: Words For The Modern-Day Explorer

    The modern millennial ain’t just a traveler anymore. With innovative ways to visit places and kill time, he needs more terms to define his favourite pastime. Here are a few.

    1) Couchsurfing (n)


    A Couchsurfer is a financially unstable person who is too broke to rent a place. He is also super cheap. Hence, he crashes at friend’s place for a while. Usually, couchsurfers sleep on the couch or the floor.

    This phenomena is now a website (and a rampant travelling trend), where you can stay at a registered user’s place, anywhere in the world, without paying any money.

    2) Staycation (n)


    A Staycation involves staying home and exploring different parts of your city, which are within driving range, and then coming back home at night. Most of the time, it involves dining out more frequently than usual.

    This is the perfect vacation when you don’t have enough moolah to take a trip overseas, but still want to enjoy all the perks of a vacation. It really opens your eyes to the beauty of your own backyard.

    3) Resfeber (n)


    Used to describe the anxiety, excitement and the influx of hormones felt right before the start of a trip/vacation. Yes, the Instagram generation truly felt that they needed a word for this.

    4) Wayfarer (n)


    No, not the Ray-Ban glasses. Wayfarers are those who like walking and therefore, travel to different places on foot. The only legit word on this list.

    5) Fernweh (n)


    A synonym for Wanderlust. Essentially, this term is used to describe a person who feels a deeper sense of belonging, like homesickness, but for other places.

    6) Bratpacker (n)


    Bratpacker is used to describe a bunch of ill-mannered people or brats, whose main interest is drinking large amounts of beer and getting ripped, rather than learning the local culture or exploring.

    It’s your average frat party, but instead of frat guys, there are fratpackers or in this case, bratpackers.

    7) Glamping (n)


    Glamping offers the experience of outdoor activities, without having to cut back on luxury. There’s no tossing and turning on hard forest grounds, instead you sleep on luxurious beds and use built in bathroom in tents which are just as equipped as hotels.

    Click here to test these words out.

    Written by Manasi Chandu.

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