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    Synths Used On Your Favourite Songs

    Like all modern day millennials, Insider peeps are also binging on all this synth-pop (Trending) music on the Internet. But on the eve of the first ever Synthfest in India, we started looking through some old goldies that either have some eerie synth soundscapes or punchy disco-synth riffs (Is there another word for synth?). So we thought we’d share some of them, so you know how goddam important these synths are in modern music and what to look forward to at the Synthfest. Because when Insider people reach there, we are going to try and play each and every one of these songs on those Korg MS 20’s and Moog Sub 37’s (Google them) and have us a mini rave.

    1) "The Hand That Feeds" by Nine Inch Nails

    Surprised? We were too. This NIN gem uses the Moog Arp Odyssey and blends in with the whole arrangement like it is right where it belongs.

    2) “Africa” by Toto

    It has been more than two decades since this one came out and that Yamaha CS-80 (one of the first true ‘polysynths’) riff is still a classic.

    3) “Da Funk” by Daft Funk

    After hits like “Technologic” and “Giorgio By Moroder” Daft Funk can easily pass off as synth gods. “Da Funk,” from their album Homework, features a fine tune on the Korg MS-20.

    4) “Everything In Its Right Place” by Radiohead

    Besides the vocal samples, this Radiohead track heavily depends on the the Sequential Circuits’ Prophet-5 synth for it’s dark tone (Listen to their Kid A album if you haven’t already).

    5) “Vogue” by Madonna

    Yup, the pop queen’s music too is slave of the mighty Korg M1 (Already voguing? Make sure you do the hand movements).

    Synthfest is happening on September 26-27, 2015, at the SOUND.COM Warehouse in Mumbai. Buy tickets for it here:

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    Written by Radhapriya