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    Stage42: The Origin Story


    Naming a festival is tough. There are so many factors to consider; it has to have meaning, it should roll off the tongue, the domain name should be available and it should just “feel right”.

    On December 5 at exactly 11.59 PM, after two days of filling up multiple white boards with random words and numbers, after looking at everything around us as potential names (“How about Tiles?”, “Oh, we could call it markers, because it will make a mark!”) we finally decided that our new festival will be called Stage42.

    Here’s a list of the names that were considered, debated but finally rejected.

    • Culture Trails
    • Jigsaw
    • Boardwalk
    • Talking Drum
    • Flare

    • Cobblestones

    • Sideways

    • Slingshot
    • Monocle
    • The umbrella project
    • The patchwork project
    • The Yellow Project
    • The Mosaic project
    • Flipside

    And each of these had a version with 42 at the end of it.

    Stage42, OML’s latest festival comes to an end this week and we are so proud and exhausted happy! Check out the events lined up for this week here.

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    Written by Sharanya