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    Stay Calm and have an API

    One of the curious issues in the event discovery and ticketing eco-system in India has been exclusivity of events to certain ticketing partners. This is a global trend playing out in the Indian market; internationally major ticketing websites buy out part of the inventory available and thus reduce risk for the event organizer. This trend has picked up in India over the last few years too.

    While this trend is still in its infancy, this does not apply to vast majority of events. 90% of the events have smaller risk and hence smaller reward to guarantee a buy-out. So why do these events still have exclusivity to ticketing partners?

    Turns out, this is a product challenge. Event organizers list on multiple websites only to be straddled with different exports and different consoles for sales and a manual way to manage capacity. This is painful on a daily basis, further more this won't work for seated events where seat maps have to be maintained across different sites and propagating simplest of the changes causes serious over-head.

    Worse, the average fill rate on most events is sub 40%. For the event eco-system to grow, and to become a tangible competitor to movies we need a larger distribution platform. This is especially important as the numbers of events grow and we have to get a whole new generation of people to attend and support more events.

    Today we are taking first steps to fix this by launching an event GDS where partners can pick up all events details and sell it independently through their own websites and apps. Further more, the event organizer themselves don’t have to worry about overhead since they just have to make the changes on Insider and it gets propagated to all partner websites. All sales is recorded on Insider so your sales numbers and capacity is always enforced, even though the actual ticket sale is recorded across multiple websites we will take the onus of collecting that payment and issuing it to the event organizers.

    We are already in conversations with a few partners to start distributing our events. If you would like to try the API. Please email Shreyas.

    The initial API docs is here

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    Written by Shreyas S