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    New things to try this summer

    How many times have you thought about trying something new or learning a skill but just never got around to it because that weekend was too hectic, there was a deadline looming, it was your best friend’s birthday, you really needed a lazy weekend or you had to catch up on Game of Thrones?
    If you’re anything like us, you’re nodding your head yes right now.

    But, we are here to give you that push, nudge or shove you need. Treat this like your summer vacation from school and come out on the other side of this summer/monsoon with a brand new skill.


    Try Aerial Silk and Anti Gravity Yoga

    Lara Saluja is a trained dancer and will be conducting an aerial silk and anti gravity yoga classes at Tangerine Arts Studio. It combines strength and flexibility with, of course, the skill to stay suspended in the air with strips of cloth. There are four classes in the month, each on a Saturday but you can walk into any of them (with pre-booking since there are only 8 seats per class). It’s the perfect class for you, if you just want to hang out (Sorry, not sorry).

    Fine Print:
    Tangerine Arts Studio, Bandra. Classes are held every Saturday of June. Duration for the class is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Rs. 1000 per class. To register, call 9867369960.

    Be a better storyteller

    Deep down, everybody is a storyteller. But if you want to take your story telling skills to a wider audience, it’s important to understand how to immerse people in your narrative. Tall Tales has been hosting storytelling sessions in the city for quite sometime now and will be conducting a workshop this month. It’s a one day event and it will help you identify, unlock and build your story, complete with discussion, exercises, games, examples, and story analysis. The workshop will help you shape your narrative that can take an ordinary story into something unforgettable.

    Fine Print:
    The Barking Deer, Lower Parel. Sunday July 19th, 10am to 5pm. Rs. 3000. Book your spot on

    Make lithophane memories

    Maker’s Asylum is a great place to learn amazing things like woodworking, laser cutting, VFX and more. This month they have a special class that you can attend with your dad so you can learn a new skill, bond with him on Father’s day and you get a perfect gift at the end of the class (Three birds. One stone).
    Carry a picture of the two of you that you treasure or take a brand new one at the venue and learn how to 3D print it at the new Todi Mills Social where the workshop will be held.

    Fine Print:
    Todi Mill Social, Lower Parel. June 21st, Thursday, 10am. Rs. 1000. Register on


    Give your rainy comfort food a twist

    Nothing beats a plate of bhajia and a cup of cutting chai but the monsoons have just started and that plate of fried food is going to get boring (and not to mention unhealthy) very fast. Amrita Rana Of Life ki Recipe (yes, yes, the bacon jam lady) is hosting a cooking class at Studio Fifteen for new comfort food.

    The menu for this class includes
    Apple fritters with lemon glaze
    Caramelised onion cheesy pull apart bread
    Warm grilled veggie salad with fresh mozzarella and greens
    Beetroot ravioli with kale and two cheese stuffing;brown butter and crispy sage sauce
    Roasted carrot and pepper soup with arugula and garlic chips.

    Fine Print:
    Studio Fifteen, Elphinstone. Sunday 21st June, 4pm. Rs. 2800 For registeration, call 8454046544.

    Learn how to write comedy

    If there’s always been that niggling thought in the back of your head to try your hand at stand up comedy or humour writing, this is a class you need to make time for. Put it in your Google Calendar, do it now.

    Comedian Vasu Primlani will be at The Hive this month and is conducting a special workshop on how to write comedy. You will go over the principles of joke writing, understanding the neuro-dynamics behind them and understand what it is, that really makes a joke funny. This workshop will guide you through the greatest jokes and personalities of all time and it will give you that push you need to get started.

    Fine Print:
    The Hive, Bandra. June 13, Saturday at 1.30pm. Rs 600. Register here:

    Spin your own travel stories

    If you love travelling and your Instagram feed full of pretty pictures from your travels, this workshop is perfect for you. Award-winning writer and journalist Dilip D’Souza is going to help you take your love for travel and turn it into a beautiful story that is unique, insightful, evocative and funny. Relive your special journey, bring along your favourite travel memorabilia if you’d like the inspiration and learn to write a great travel story. And if its really good, you could win a chance to have your story featured on!

    Fine Print:
    (UPDATE: This workshop has been rescheduled from June 20th to July 4th.) Essar House, Mahalaxmi. 10am to 6pm. Rs. 2,000. Register here:

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