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    New on Insider: Your Festival and Conference App

    Our biggest motivation behind launching Insider was to help event organisers sell more. And in the process of building tools and content for the same, we discovered how our products can help them do more.

    We want to help organizers create more awesome events and to do that, we want to help them drive more value to their audiences and sponsors!

    To do this, we started focussing on a wide range of tools that not only boost ticket sales, but also help organizers make the most of their sponsorships.

    Today we are launching the first of these tools which help organizers maximum user attention and drive more value to their sponsors by integrating them into the app.

    Introducing - A White-Labelled Festival and Conference app.

    This one’s our first tool and offering outside of the ticketing ecosystem, and we believe that it will help you (the organizer) gather attention from users and drive more value to the sponsors.

    Oh, and it’s free for any festival /conference listed on Insider.

    The app has a whole range of features, making it the best tool for audiences to experience the festival/ conference.

    1) Login

    You can login with Facebook, and the button below the FB login makes your profile searchable (lets others find you on the app).

    2) Day-wise schedules and filters

    The day-wise schedules will show the timing, venue and genre of every session taking place. You can even apply filters to find events under particular genres/verticals/venues/stages.

    3) Session information

    Clicking on any session will give you a comprehensive write-up about it, along with speaker/artist information. You can use the purple button here to add the session to your itinerary.

    4. Feedback

    By clicking on the Feedback option (next to the session information), you can rate the session on different aspects.

    5) Your itinerary

    Remember that purple button? All the events added to your schedule show up under My Coalition/Weekender/Whatever the event's name is. This will be your personal itinerary for the event (so you don’t have to keep sifting through the original time-table).

    6. Search for people

    Looking for attendees who might have the same interests as you? You can go to the Search option and find them. You can even look for people the traditional way, using their names.

    7) Friend’s activities

    Under the Friends tab, you can see what your friends are attending. You can also see who is attending under each session.

    8) Your profile

    Your profile will have all your details. Make sure yours looks fun.

    Have a conference, festival or any event that can use a similar app? Mail us at and let us know.

    P.S: The app is based on the F8 app which Facebook open sourced with our own custom features and secret sauce on top!

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    Written by Radhapriya