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    New On Insider: Our Homepage

    Our homepage is quite dear to us. It’s how we connect with you, the primary touchpoint that helps us locate some cool people in the country and get to know them better. And since we’ve taken an oath to deliver only the coolest, most interesting and the most fun events to our community, we decided remodel our homepage for the better. To make sure you always find something for yourself.

    What has changed? A lot.


    This will feature events that we feel you should definitely take a look at. Don’t worry, we guarantee that they will be fresh, hip and fun.

    It’s Awesome Because

    This new section tells you what makes a particular event worthy of your attendance. Highlighting four key points of the event, think of it as an event summary.


    A brand new initiative on our part to curate events better for you, these collections are present on the main homepage, as well as on the city-specific pages. From liquor, travelling and festivals to weekend getaways, workshops and even events priced under INR 500, these collections will help you find items best suited for you.

    New display

    Switching to a cleaner display, in addition to the event name, date and location, now you can also view the price and timings for every event. You can even entertain yourself by hovering over the picture of every event and watch it change (Go ahead, do it!).

    Artist pages

    If you think Facebook is the best way to keep a track of your favourite artist’s whereabouts and where they are performing next, then you are partially right. While Facebook makes it super convenient to stalk them, their gigs/performances on other hand tend to get lost among the selfies and videos the artist posts.

    Enter, our Artist pages. Exclusive spaces, each curating events of a single artist, these will help make sure that you can catch the next Kanan or Nucleya show or even stalk them in person.

    Venue pages

    So you never miss out on what’s happening at the coolest joints in your city. These can be found in the same place as the Collections.

    We hope these improvements help ‘making plans’ easier and aid you on the most boring days (To find that one event that will make your day/week). In case you have any doubts or come across some glitches, just shoot us a mail at Have fun surfing!

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    Written by Radhapriya