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    Insider Recommends: Best Pet Apps

    On the occasion of International Dog Day (August 26), we thought we'll share some pooch love with our community members.

    Have one? Then you know that nothing compares to them licking your face, climbing on to your lap, consoling you on a bad day, or jumping with joy as you walk through that door. Dogs can make the worst of days better and have the power to melt the coldest of hearts with their unconditional love.

    To give back the love, here are a few apps that can help you become a more fun and efficient pet parent (or uncle/aunt).


    Did your dog just chew on something unfamiliar? Wondering if he can eat a particular food item? iKibble lets you find out how healthy/unhealthy/safe that thing is for your pooch.


    Clickers have been proved to be quite useful for training dogs. For those who are new to them, you are supposed to 'click' in front of the dog everytime he obeys the command or performs an action perfectly. The 'click' is always followed by a treat/reward and hence, becomes a signal for an upcoming treat for the dog.

    iClicker lets you do all of this, with simple and easy-to-execute instructions.

    PetMD Symptom Checker

    Not sure what a rash, loss of appetite or excessive drowsiness might be? With the PetMD Symptom Checker, you can check for symptoms, what they might mean and take action accordingly.

    Dog Translator

    Understand your dog's actions better and what he might be trying to tell you, with this free app. Just record the dog's bark using this app, and by studying the vocal tones, it shall give you an answer.


    Walk your dog, see how much distance you both have covered and how much you both have burned!

    Looking for more dog-friendly activities? Click here to find some!

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