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    Right before the first Bacardi NH7 Weekender in 2010, few of us got involved in promoting and ticketing for events for the very first time. Right away, we realized how hard it is to sell tickets and to pack shows. Plus, the fact that there were limited ticketing tools to help organizers and the ones available were extremely crude.

    Last June, when we started working on, our aim was to develop tools to help event organizers sell better. Today, we are excited and happy to launch an app which will help them do exactly that.

    Due to a series of late nights, lack of sleep and poor taste in names (We got lucky with Insider), we have named it ‘Insider Biz’ for now. If you can come up with something fun, sensible and not too outrageous, then drop us an email at If it works, then drinks on us.

    Now, what does the app exactly do? Voilà:

    1) It allows you to sell anywhere and everywhere.

    Imagine walking into a party or a meeting, discussing your event with a bunch of people, only to end your sermon with “So make sure you head to when you get home and check it out!” Blame intoxication or faulty memory, but it seems doubtful that they will make the effort. But with the Insider Biz app, you can sell them a ticket to your event right there and then. They get the ticket and SMS just as they would have if they would have bought it online, you get the money and make another sale!

    2) It allows you to issue tickets via SMS.

    You just advertised about your event with a big gigantic hoarding. You put a phone number on it and now people are calling and asking for tickets. You really don’t want to get into the habit of delivering physical tickets and neither do you want to miss a sale. Well, the Insider Biz App allows you enter their phone number and send them a payment link via SMS. All they have to do is click on the link, make the payment and you make another sale!

    3) Box office just became easier.

    Out of habit, people still buy at the venue. We have seen this number reduce but there are people out there who prefer the old ways. In which case, you have an excel sheet where you enter their details and then give them a ticket. Later on you sit and merge it with your contact list (For that big, fat database). Unfortunately, a lot of data tends to get lost in this process.

    With the Insider Biz app, you can issue tickets on ground. The app also adds their emails and phone numbers to your contact list!

    And in case you were wondering about how to give tickets/bands to those who come with their e-tickets? With the Redeem feature in the app, you scan a bar code and mark the ticket as issued. This prevents anyone from using the e-ticket twice and circumventing your systems.

    4) People can now enter when they like.

    Often, one friend buys tickets for all his friends. But friends being friends, all of them don’t arrive at the same time at the venue. So either you end up with tickets against different names in confusing envelopes or the attendees are standing around, waiting for their peeps to show up. With the new app, different people can check in at different times, by just showing their SMS ticket or the email.

    We have a bunch of other things in the works, across Data Analytics, Publishing and Marketing, and hopefully you should hear about them soon. If you have any questions, please send an email at and he WILL respond. If you a frustrated organizer and would like to play around with the app then drop Shreyas a note.

    P.S: The app is Android only (Likely to stay that way for sometime)

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    Written by Radhapriya