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    How to Prepare For a Salsa Performance

    We recently learnt that social dancing is the best fix to get your blood racing, and also the fact that a salsa or bachata performance needs a 24 hour (or more) preparation window. Whether it’s your moves or your make-up, social dancing is all about precision. Even a flyaway strand of hair needs to be dealt with a heavy hand. How to make sure they don’t move in the first place? Here are a few expert tips and tricks.

    Here's your checklist to begin with:

    Before the show

    1) Make a checklist: Always make a check list before you start packing for a show. And check it again before you leave for the show (so you don’t forget anything). You can use the one above!

    2) Practice makes perfect: In addition to your dance routine, make sure you practice your hair-do and make-up before you get on stage.

    3) Invest in a hairspray: Nova Gold is our recommendation.

    4) Eat an hour before: Not a minute closer to the performance. A stomach full of food when shocked with a big dose of adrenaline can make you faint or throw up during the performance.

    After the show

    1) Invest in a make-up remover: Sweat, gunk and foundation, when mixed, can never be good for your skin. Get it all off with an effective remover!

    2) Storing costumes: Store your costumes with naphthalene balls. After each show, air out the costumes in a ventilated room with the fan on full. And remember to dry clean them after every third show.

    3) Potassium: Avoid muscle cramping and soreness with foods or drinks high in potassium (Raisins, potatoes, bananas, tomato products, cooked spinach, yogurt).

    Feel the need to bust out some moves? Check this out:

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    Written by Radhapriya