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    Camping Myths Busted: It’s Really Not That Bad

    Some people like a good challenge. And for such peeps, camping presents as the perfect opportunity to test their skills and mental stamina, and a chance to bond with others while sharing bare necessities like toothpaste.

    While camping (especially during the rains) might seem like an uphill task to many, it can be a liberating experience. All those things you dread about spending a night in the wild, aren’t as half as bad as you presumed.

    Here’s what you probably think:

    1) It’s uncomfortable

    There is excellent equipment available everywhere. From spacious, waterproof and comfortable tents to foldable chairs that make sitting a pleasure, there is no reason for you to sit or sleep on the ground.

    2) Too many bugs and animals

    Most camping sites are free of any carnivores or violent animals, and only harbour harmless insects. Just pack a mosquito spray and it should do the job.

    3) There is bad (or no) food

    Camping is great for putting your barbecuing skills to test. From Chicken marinades to Paneer chunks covered in masala, these Kebab-like treats will leave you satiated.

    4) It’s too cold or rainy

    Once again, good quality tents, along with warm sleeping bags and an extra jacket or two can make everything easier. Plus, camping in hot weather is much worse.

    What you get in return:

    1) It’s quiet out there.

    Camping venues include hills, forests and other spectacular terrains that have nothing to do with roads, trains, buildings and pollution. Free from all the city chaos and noise, the only thing you will hear while pitching your tent is birds and leaves rustling.

    2) Small victories

    You get to take pleasure in successfully completing the smallest tasks. Trek for 20 minutes? Done. Make some noodles without a microwave? No problem. It’s a chance to pat yourself on the back and be proud about doing things you never thought you’d do.

    3) New people

    Probably the best part. While the outdoors are great with friends, or even alone, joining an unknown group of travellers for a trip can be immensely satisfying. You get to meet new (and hopefully interesting) people, who can easily translate into new friends.

    4) New skills

    Sink or swim. To survive in the midst of nature, some basic skills are necessary. Everything from pitching a tent and basic cooking to cleaning up with minimal water and carrying a heavy load, camping teaches you a thing or two.

    5) Good stories

    Good or bad, each camping trip has that one story to laugh about all your life. And more adventurous the trip was, better the story is.

    Planning to give camping a shot? Click here to get started.

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    Written by Radhapriya