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    Books That Should Be Made Into Movies

    The key element of any great film? A great story. Hence, here we are, going through a list of our favourite books that we feel need to scale the silver screen soon.

    1) The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

    This Pulitzer-winner was published in 2013 and illustrates the story of 13-year-old Theodore "Theo" Decker. Once his mother passes away, Theo moves in with a wealthy family, living in an affluent New York City neighborhood. The story shows how The Goldfinch painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art reminds him of his mother and ultimately sucks him into the underworld of art.

    Actor who should play the role of Theo: Elijah Wood or Freddie Highmore.

    2) The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell

    A must for those obsessed with psychic dramas, The Bone Clocks follows the story of protagonist Holly Sykes, a 15-year-old who hears voices and runs away from home. Just like Mitchell’s bestseller Cloud Atlas, The Bone Clocks highlights Holly’s story from different people’s perspectives, all encountered at different times.

    Actress who should play the role of Holly: Ellen Page or Anna Kendrick.

    3) The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

    Although there is an animated adaptation of this novel which was released in 2015, we would love to see this one with real actors. The Little Prince is about a pilot who crash lands and is now stuck in a desert with a strange boy. The boy recounts various stories of him visiting planets of all shapes and sizes, and how each planet had a different kind of occupant.

    Actor who should play the role of the Little Prince: David Mazouz or Jacob Tremblay.

    4) Prey by Michael Crichton

    A sci-fi treat by the writer of the Jurassic Park and the Andromeda Strain, Prey revolves around nanotechnology and micro-robotics. All hell breaks loose in a distant Nevada-based lab, when a hive of nano-robots escapes and starts hunting and reproducing. We feel The Wachowski twins should give this one a shot.

    Actor who should play the role of Jack Forman: Edward Norton or Ben Affleck.

    5) Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

    Mahabharat narrated by the daughter of Panchal, the wife of the five Pandavas, Draupadi. The novel traces her life as a princess, the one with a miraculous birth (from the fire) and how her husbands struggled to get their rightful throne and kingdom back from the Kaurvas. We also get an insight into her relationship with the cunning diplomat Krishna, who promised to replay her debt after she nursed his bleeding finger.

    Actress who should play the role of Draupadi: Konkona Sen or Huma Qureshi.

    6) Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

    Shantaram highlights the story of Lin, an escaped Australian convict and a runaway traveler who gets lost in the streets of Bombay with his partner-in-crime, Prabaker. Follow Lin as he discovers the underground life of the lowly, including the beggars, gangsters, prostitutes and Bollywood, in search of love and the meaning of life.

    Actor who should play the role of Lin: Michael Fassbender or Hugh Jackman

    7) The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami

    Another melancholic piece of writing by Murakami, although the book is based in Japan, we would love a contemporary Indian adaptation of this. The original story features the life of a young man named Toru Okada, who sets out to look for his wife’s missing cat. What starts out as a hunt for a missing pet, soon evolves into a chain of bizarre events.

    Actor who should play the role of the husband: Neil Bhoopalam or Randeep Hooda

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