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    Before You Head For Dhruv Visvanath’s Album Launch

    Recently named as one of the 30 Great Guitarists Under 30 In The World by Acoustic Guitar Magazine, USA, Dhruv Visvanath has been on Insider’s radar for quite some time now. The Delhi-based percussion guitarist has been thumping those acoustic guitars for the last 4 years now and is now releasing his debut album, Orion under Vishal Dadlani’s label, Vishal Likes This.

    But we figured that a lot of you are yet to be inducted into Visvanath’s music and world. So we have put together some tracks, art and info about this dude. Here’s what you need to know:

    The Guitars

    Visvanath owns 7 guitars and has given them some pretty names (They are his babies). He’s also managed to crack 3 of them with all the handy work.

    The Hats

    Always with a hat on stage, Visvanath says, “I saw a hat when I was travelling through Europe and thought it was cool. After a while I thought this would contribute greatly to my character on stage of course. That turned into a nice collection of hats.”

    The Inspiration

    Foals, Coldplay, Antoine Dufour, or Don Ross, they have all left a huge impression on Visavanth’s brain (Skull) and he cites them as his inspirations. But the biggest dent came from:

    The Playlist

    Some of his current favourite songs:

    Similar Artists:

    Songs You Should Request For:

    Dhruv Visvanath launches his debut album Orion on September 19, 2015, at India Habitat Centre, Delhi. For tickets and more details, click here:

    Artwork by Reva Sarma.

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    Written by Radhapriya